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Phoenix Suns Had A Deal For Dillon Brooks In 2018 Until They Realized The Grizzlies Were Talking About MarShon Brooks



Dillon Brooks is the man of the hour around the NBA right now. He's rising up to the occasion and blossoming into one of the hottest two-way players in the league.

Brooks played top-notch defense on Stephen Curry in the play-in tournament and helped his team clinch a playoff berth. Then, he followed that impressive outing with a 31-point explosion vs. the Utah Jazz.

While Brooks is getting a lot of attention right now, he's been good for a while. As a matter of fact, just a couple of years ago, the Phoenix Suns wanted to pair him with Devin Booker and tried to trade for him.

The Suns thought they had reached an agreement with the Memphis Grizzlies until the last second when they found out that the Grizzlies were giving them MarShon Brooks instead:

"The trade, as proposed originally, would have sent Ariza from the Suns to the Wizards, Oubre from the Wizards to the Memphis Grizzlies, and Rivers from the Wizards to the Suns. The Grizzlies would have sent Wayne Selden to the Suns. A player named Brooks also was to be involved, but that ended up as the hiccup to the deal. The Suns thought the Grizzlies would be sending them Dillon Brooks. Grizzlies officials thought it was MarShon Brooks they’d be trading," reported The Guardian.

Obviously, there was a huge difference between the 29-year-old MarShon Brooks and an up-and-coming two-way player in Dillon Brooks, so the deal eventually fell off.

Fast-forward to today and it's pretty clear thy the Grizzlies never wanted to trade the young Canadian, as he's averaging a career-best 17.3 points with 3.0 rebounds and 1.9 assists per game. 

Moreover, Brooks has shown that he's not scared of the big moment, taking the other team's best scorer in defense and then hitting big shot after big shot. You hate to see that if you're a Suns fan, though.

Credit: Statline