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Picture Of LeBron Goes Viral As Fans Joke About LeBron's Receding Hairline

(via The Spun)

(via The Spun)

When it comes to all things basketball, LeBron James knows exactly what he's doing. Even at 35-years-old, King James is dominating on the court, averaging 25 points, 10.6 assists, and 7.9 rebounds per game on 49% shooting.

Unfortunately, it seems James' powers have come at the cost of his hairline. The dude has famously been losing his hair since be became a big-time NBA star and it's reached the end of the line. In a photo that has since gone viral, LeBron James is seen having his "hair" done in the "barbershop" and people are practically begging Bron to just cut it all off.

It's gotten pretty bad -- to the point where a headband might not be enough to hide it anymore. The fans went a little crazy roasting Bron in the comments.

Clearly, the King hasn't been listening to all the noise -- and that's probably a good thing. Despite what his head looks like, it's up to him what to do with it.

To cut it off or not to cut it off, that's the ultimate question. We'll see how long he keeps it going...