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Pistons Big Man Christian Wood Allegedly Went On IG Live To Ask What Team He Should Join

Christian Wood

We're living in some wild times right now. NBA players take it to social media and make the most of technology to make career choices, and it's crazy to wonder how things would have fared if the players from the 80s or 90s had Twitter or Instagram back in the day.

Spencer Dinwiddie started an investment fund for fans to decide his next team, and even though it didn't work out the way he intended to, it seems like he's not going to be the only player to take a similar path.

The thing is that Detroit Pistons F/C Chris Wood reportedly took it to his Instagram account on an IG Live session to ask his fans what team he should play for next season when he hits free agency, as reported by Sideline Sources.

There's no video evidence of this Instagram Live session actually happening, but multiple Detroit Pistons fans took it to Twitter to address the matter and their concerns for the possible loss of the promising big man.

Woods has bounced around the league since entering the NBA via the G-League in 2016 but finally found some stability with the Pistons last year.

Throughout 62 games at Detroit (12 starts), the 24-year-old averaged 13.1 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 1.0 assists per game on 56.7% shooting and 38.6% from beyond the arc in just 21.4 minutes a night, breaking out after the Pistons traded away Andre Drummond.

Woods isn't likely to sign a lucrative deal next season but he'll be a nice addition for any contending team's radar given his ability to get offensive rebounds, but maybe he should leave those talks to his agent.