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Pistons Fan Explains Why Living Across The Street From The Worst Team In the League Is The 'Best Thing Ever'

Pistons Fan Explains Why Living Across The Street From The Worst Team In the League Is The 'Best Thing Ever'

For most NBA fans, watching a successful squad like the Warriors, Lakers, or Bucks is preferable to watching a young lottery team lose night after night.

That fact is reflected in the ticket prices, which are typically much, much higher for teams who put a high-quality product on the floor.

For one Reddit user, however, living across the street from the Detroit Pistons gives him a unique perspective on things.

As he explained in a lengthy post, tickets are cheap enough that he has the opportunity to watch games, in a mostly empty arena, any chance he gets -- and he loves everything about it.

(via u/bballin1204)

I am M25, and basketball (especially NBA Basketball) is my favorite thing in the world. I am born and raised Memphis but I moved to Detroit at the beginning of 2021. I live less than a quarter mile from Little Caesar’s Arena.

On a weeknight, I get home from work, whip up a quick meal, then head over to the stadium. I go to the box office and ask for the cheapest ticket in the stadium. Usually it’s $20 per ticket straight depending on the the opponent, no fees or taxes.

No one goes to the games so I can sit wherever I want. The $20 tickets I usually get are behind the basket in the upper bowl, usually on the first row. But I hate sitting behind the pane of glass. I usually head over to half court and sit with no people behind me so I can watch the game and hit my pen.

I don’t care that the Pistons are the worst team in the league. Honestly, I hope they stay this way forever. I’m just trying to see the whole league come through town for cheap. The games start at 7pm and since my Memphis Grizzlies are a timezone over I can usually get home in time to see the 2nd half of their game if they play on the same night.

I root for the Pistons, but they’re in no way MY team; that will always be the Memphis Grizzlies. This season I’ve seen the Bucks, 76ers, Nets, Pacers, Thunder, and Wizards. Last nights game was a treat. Can’t wait for the Grizz to come to town!

The post illuminates some of the advantages of being close to a bad team. Tickets are cheap and fans can sit wherever they want (in their section).

At a league-worst 4-20, it makes sense that tickets would be extraordinarily cheap for the Pistons -- and it'll probably stay that way for a while. After trading Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond years ago, they don't have the firepower to compete at a high level.

Hopefully, Cade Cunningham will help change that. In the meantime, a few fans will get to enjoy some of the unique perks that come with being one of the worst teams in basketball.