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PJ Tucker, DeMar DeRozan Start Instagram Shoe War

PJ Tucker, DeMar DeRozan Start Instagram Shoe War

When it comes to shoes, you can call both DeMar DeRozan and PJ Tucker experts on the subject. With a passion for kicks and a massive collection to show for it, there is no arguing they are among the biggest sneakerheads in the game.

So when DeMar recently called out Tucker for his inferior shoe game and started what fans are naming a "sneaker war," it raised a few eyebrows in the NBA community as fans from all over joined in to see what the fuss was about.

DeMar: “@pjtucker keep posting shoes. Ima show everybody who really is the shoe head when it comes to these kicks! I be playing it cool. You got another post to show off and Ima Show Off! Respectfully lol.”

PJ: “#RESPECTFULLY Ayo can somebody tell my lil bro @demar_derozan if he want smoke he know better than anybody where to find me #RESPECTFULLY.”

DeRozan is a self-proclaimed sneaker fanatic who has a pretty modest collection of kicks that include Kobe 8 iDs, and over 15 different pairs of Jordans, and the Nike "Gem Green" foams.

PJ Tucker's shoe fascination is more widely known throughout the community, thanks to a video the NBA posted to its YouTube channel a year ago. He has thousands of shoes and once wore six different pairs in one single game.

So, who is the king of the NBA sneaker fandom? That much is still undecided, but perhaps getting another look into their collections will help settle the matter once and for all...