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President Trump Slams LeBron James, NBA In Pennsylvania Rally As Fans Chant: "LeBron James Sucks."

(via KTLA)

(via KTLA)

With just hours to go until election day, President Donald Trump is pulling out all the stops to ensure his re-election campaign is successful.

In his latest bid to energize supporters in Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump bashed LeBron James, the NBA, and its "progressive" agenda that has been waging war against the White House since this current administration took over in 2016.

"How about basketball? How about LeBron, I felt very badly for LeBron. Down 71%, and that's for the Championship. I didn't watch one shot, I got bored -- back, forth, back, forth. You know why? When they don't respect our country, when they don't respect our flag, nobody wants to watch, nobody.

And the NFL is way down. You have to stand for our flag, you got to really be great to our flag and to our anthem. And if you don't do that, we're not watching."

Anti-LeBron chants soon broke out amongst the crowd, as Trump applauded them for their loyalty and support.

These antagonistic feelings towards James and the NBA stem from what could be considered a "cold war" of sorts between the Trump administration and professional athletes. LeBron and many other prominent basketball figures took an active role in the BLM protests. They've also been highly critical of the President, with many having already pledged their support for Biden before Monday's rally.

Needless to say, tensions are high on all sides as the country prepares for what will be a major pivoting point.

Those who have opposed the Republican agenda often find themselves in the crosshairs of the current Commander in Cheif, so it should be no surprise that the NBA, and pro-athletes in general, find themselves the subject of hate with just hours to go before election night.