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Proposed Rule Could Lead To A West vs. West (Or East vs. East) Team In The NBA Finals



Perhaps one of the biggest criticisms regarding the current state of the NBA is the famous imbalance between the West and East. For the past few years, Western Conference basketball has been much deeper, consisting of most of the top-level teams in the league. It's common knowledge that the path through the East has been easier in recent years.

This discrepancy was exposed in the playoffs. The best teams were always knocked out in the early rounds of the Western Conference, resulting in a Finals matchup that did not always meet expectations.

That could change pretty soon.

Among a series of potential structure changes, including a mid-season tournament, is the idea of forgoing conference divisions in the postseason. We could see a West vs West (or East vs East) Finals matchup within the next couple of seasons.

This would allow the two best teams to play against each other in the Finals, rather than restricting the Finals to strictly East vs West winner.

With league ratings down, this is no doubt an attempt to take the next step in increasing their audience. It will be interesting to witness how it all plays out in the end. Not everyone is convinced these changes are good...