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Quinn Cook And Jared Dudley Tested Negative For Coronavirus

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

After four Brooklyn Nets players tested positive for coronavirus, the Los Angeles Lakers got to work and took their entire roster to get the test and see whether they were infected or not. Results came back and two players tested positive, but their names haven’t been revealed yet, creating any kind of speculation.

Now we know that neither Quinn Cook nor Jared Dudley are infected with COVID-19, according to recent reports and their own testimonies. Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports revealed JaVale McGee was healthy, despite being considered of high risk to get the disease.

Moreover, he revealed that Quinn Cook was free of the virus, too, on his podcast. Quinn talked about the test, how uncomfortable it is and the fact that people are criticizing NBA players for getting tested without any symptoms when the rest of the US population is struggling to find a test.

The other guy, veteran Jared Dudley, also revealed he didn’t test positive for the COVID-19, stating he was feeling great to Frank Isola and Wes Wilcox of Sirius XM Radio.

“I’m feeling great... I did not positive, because they said the doctor would hit you up, and the doctor has not hit me up. I feel great.”

The NBA suspended the season to prevent a massive expansion of this virus. They made the same decision as every elite competition in the world of sports, so it’s a matter of time to see if they will return to action this season or if the campaign will be completely canceled.

Even though the Lakers have two players who tested positive for the coronavirus, it’s good to know it’s just two of them and there is no major damage. The Purple and Gold are seen as the biggest favorite to win the championship this year, but there is a chance they’ll have to wait until next season to get the 17th title in their rich history.