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Quinn Cook On Coronavirus Test: “It’s The Worst 8 Seconds Of Your Life."

(via HotNewHipHop)

(via HotNewHipHop)

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, the NBA community is taking measures to ensure they do their part to contain it. Alongside a league-wide suspension, teams are making it a point to test their players and quarantine those who come back positive.

Quinn Cook, who was not one of two Lakers players to get diagnosed with COVID-19, recently revealed what the process was like.

“It’s the worst 8,9 seconds of your life,” Cook told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. “It’s something that I wouldn’t wish on anybody, but something that had to be done. Our doctor did a really great job of keeping everybody away from each other. Well, the Lakers did a good job of keeping everybody away from each other.

“Our doctor really went one by one, giving everybody the test. Everybody had the same reaction — it was funny we’re all there in the group chat about how painful and uncomfortable it was. But it was something that needed to be done.”

Cook admitted that he felt the "side-effects" of the test for hours after it was done. It was obviously something painful and uncomfortable, but something that he also felt was necessary.

While it may not have been the best experience, he has the pleasure of knowing his diagnosis, unlike a lot of Americans today, who are unable to get answers because of a shortage of tests.

Still, it's interesting to hear how the process and what might be in store for any one one us in the future.