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Rachel Nichols: ‘Luka Doncic Won't Be The Next LeBron, But The Resemblance Is There’

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

Luka Doncic has been exceeding this NBA campaign, putting up big numbers on a nightly basis, becoming one of the early favorites to win the MVP award next year. The things Luka has done with the Dallas Mavericks have prompted several people to compare him to some of the biggest names in the history of the league, especially LeBron James.

So far this season, Doncic and LeBron have recorded the most triple-doubles in the league, so it’s normal to see them being part of the same conversation frequently. Several fans have claimed Doncic is the heir to Bron’s throne, but that’s not the case for ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, who thinks Doncic shares things with James, but it’s not a new version of the Lakers star.

Nichols spoke about Bron’s longevity and how that would make impossible for another player to be the next LeBron. She added that Doncic’s style of play was modeled after LeBron’s, as well as the pressure both players faced before entering the league and the high expectations around them.

Ultimately, she said we still have to wait before making any claim about Doncic’s career compared to LeBron, but things look very promising for the Slovenian point guard at this moment.

He's doing nothing but great things with his squad and the future can't be more favorable for him.