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Rachel Nichols On Houston Rockets With James Harden: "Personally, It Is My Hope That James [Harden] Gives This Team A Chance Because This Could Be A Really, Really Intriguing Roster."

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James Harden Christian Wood

James Harden having requested a trade at this point is public knowledge. We all know Harden wanted out of Houston, and the team took some time before trading him. If James Harden were to stay in Houston, he would actually have a decent supporting cast all around, instead of the top-heavy roster he's had for years. The talent isn't just concentrated in the top two players on the team: Christian Wood, DeMarcus Cousins, and John Wall are all talented and provide elite players at every position.

ESPN host Rachel Nichols is one of the people who believe in this Houston roster, even though they've started the season winless. Christian Wood already looks like he could be an All-Star caliber PF though if he keeps it up over the rest of the season remains to be seen. Rachel Nichols expressed that she wanted Harden to stay in Houston:

Rachel Nichols is right. They have two former All-Stars in John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins, but with Harden in Houston, there would be no rush for them to get back to form, letting them take their time during the season to recover. Christian Wood is a promising big man who can shoot the ball while possessing some elite athleticism. They have good things brewing in Houston, and if Harden gives them a chance, then the roster could be deadly.

While James Harden could potentially win a championship with a superteam, it would be that much more satisfying if he fulfilled the goal of bringing a championship to Houston. Harden's legacy as a great would be cemented in Houston, and that's gotta be slightly tempting.