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Raja Bell On Golden State Warriors: "If Klay Comes Back And Is 85%-90%, NBA We Have A Problem."

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The Golden State Warriors were a dynasty in the mid-2010s era of basketball, and their duo of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson revolutionized the sport, changing the way the game was played.

In recent years though, Klay Thompson has had two serious injuries, first to his ACL in 2019, and then to his Achilles in 2020. There's no question that both were unfortunate, and the whole basketball world would love to see Klay Thompson healthy and hooping on the court once again.

Klay Thompson looks set to make his return at around Christmas time, and that will be a great boon to the Warriors, who have started 5-1 this season. The Golden State Warriors are definitely looking like a playoff team thus far, and with Thompson's return, they become an extremely tough squad to beat.

Raja Bell has recently spoken on the Golden State Warriors and stated that the NBA has "a problem' if Klay Thompson is at 85-90% of what he was back in 2019. Of course, that is a tough ask, but Klay Thompson's shooting-heavy style should allow him to have an easier time coming back.

If Klay comes back, and Klay is 85%, 90% of who he was a couple years ago, NBA, we have a problem.

People are moving, the ball is moving. Action is creating opportunities for a lot of people. I don't have to watch somebody sit on the ball for 16 seconds of the shot clock every possession down the court. While that's aesthetically pleasing, it's also efficient. It allows players like myself... and other players who can't create their offense to the same level of a superstar, it gives us a lot of opportunities... I think their style and the way they play lends itself really hard to guard.

There is no doubt that the Golden State Warriors have enjoyed tremendous success utilizing their system, and it's quite possible that they'll win once again if Klay Thompson is healthy.

It remains to be seen how well Klay Thompson will come back, but everyone is certainly hoping for the best. The Warriors are not the same without him, and he is key to their contending hopes.