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Rajon Rondo Believes The Lakers Have The Key To Beating The Warriors


Even with all the moves the Lakers made this summer, the Warriors still remain head and shoulders above everyone else.

With literally five All-Stars on the roster, the Dubs are scarier than ever.

If you ask Rajon Rondo, though, the Lakers may have the blueprint to beat them. And unlike a lot of other teams, it doesn't involve trying to out-shoot the best shooting team in NBA History.

(via Bill Oram of The Athletic):

“We might have a roster where there’s five ball handlers on the court at one time,” Rondo said. “Five guys that can … playmake and create offense for each other versus just one dominant ball handler. It will be very versatile and I don’t think you’ll be able to scout and stick to one gameplan as far as being able to stop a certain player.”

“I think it is kind of crazy if you think you are going to outshoot Golden State at this point,” Rondo said. “Obviously, they have proved it … that no team can really shoot with them, so I think of other ways that you have to try to beat those guys. I think we are going to try to crack that code.”

“You put any team, any group of players around LeBron James, as he has done [eight] straight times, he went to the Finals,” Rondo said. “So my expectations are the exact same thing.”

Having faith in LeBron James is always a smart thing to do. Time after time, he's proven that he can exceed even the highest of expectations.

Beating this Warriors team will, no doubt, push LeBron to the limit... perhaps they already have. But for the first time in a while, there's a new sense of optimism with this new-look Laker team. They might just be on to something. And if not, they'll go back to the drawing board.