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Rajon Rondo Responds To Kevin Garnett’s Recent Comments On LeBron James: “I Love LeBron. He’s One Of My Favorite Teammates I’ve Ever Played For.”

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Former Celtics player Kevin Garnett had some interesting things to say about LeBron James during a recent episode of The Bill Simmons Podcast. Garnett was invited to the show, where he went to discuss several topics, including his time with the Boston Celtics, when they ‘broke’ LeBron James.

According to KG, the Celtics were the reason why LeBron chose the Miami Heat as their second team in the NBA. Rajon Rondo, a former teammate of Garnett’s in Boston, who now plays alongside James, was asked to comment on these statements, more so after Garnett stated that former Celtics players don’t go along with the King.

However, Rondo had a different response to what everybody thought:

“I love LeBron. He’s one of my favorite teammates I’ve ever played for. He’s a very unselfish person. Can’t really hate him honestly,” the point guard said.

“Can’t really hate him honestly,” Rondo said. “Back in the day when we played against him, that’s the mindset that you have. …It’s a different perspective actually being in the locker room with him and understanding how genuine of a person he is off the court.”

All this comes after Garnett argued that the Celtics “broke” LeBron in Game 5 the 2010 Eastern Conference Semifinals, leading him to take his talents to South Beach, where he won two NBA titles.

Back in the day, LeBron was seen pulled off his Cavs jersey in disappointment as he made his way to the tunnel. Luckily, all of that is part of the past, as the King returned to Cleveland to give them their first NBA title ever.

Right now he’s part of the Los Angeles Lakers, trying to take the Purple and Gold to the headlines, just like he did with the Cavs.