Raptors Chances Of Keeping Kawhi Are 'Fading'

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(via Barraques.cat)

(via Barraques.cat)

With the official start of free agency just hours away, the upcoming decision of one big name is on the minds of everyone in the community. Where will Kawhi Leonard sign?

As decision day draws closer, we are learning more and more about where his mind might be. And, despite a successful season in Toronto, we have reason to believe he will be headed West.

According to Fox Sports' Chris Broussard, the Raptors chances of keeping Kawhi are quickly 'fading' as the 2x Finals MVP prepares for a big summer.

When the Raptors traded for Kawhi last year, they were committed to doing whatever it took to not only win the Chip but convince their newly acquired star to stay long enough to win several more. They assembled a deep and talented team around him, was careful and patient with his health, and welcomed him as the savior of the franchise.

There really is nothing like home, though, and for Kahwi it seems to be all about location. He wants to be in Los Angeles, and it seems likely he will find his way there before the end of the week.