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Raptors Fans Disrespectfully Curse At Steph Curry's Mother


The Golden State Warriors’ hopes for a three-peat are still alive after a spirited win over the Toronto Raptors in Game 5 away from home. Unfortunately, the game was spoiled by a couple of disappointing moments from the Raptors fans attending the game.

It started with the shocking response from the crowd when Kevin Durant went down with a serious injury, the crowd of Scotiabank Arena begun to cheer as it happened in the second quarter. It was so disappointing that even the Raptors fans started to plead for the fans to be quiet.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end there with some Raptor fans verbally abusing Steph Curry’s mother after the match had finished.

">June 11, 2019

It’s a very ugly sight to see, it’s understandable that the emotions are flowing as Toronto are just one game away from winning their first ever NBA Championship but this type of behavior is just simply not acceptable. We love to see fans get excited for their team and for the actual game but it’s never nice to see fans verbal abusing someone, especially a mother of the opposition team.

Game 6 now heads back to San Francisco where the Warriors have the chance to level the series at 3-3 and then return to Toronto for the final Game 7.

If the series does end up returning to Toronto, we are all hoping to see a much better response from the Raptors crowd, no matter whether it’s a win or a loss.