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Raptors Forward Chris Boucher Apologizes For Breaking Team-Mandated Quarantine

(via Raptors Rapture)

(via Raptors Rapture)

As the coronavirus continues to make its way around the world, the NBA and other sports leagues are taking preventative measures to ensure they do their part in containing the virus.

The NBA season has been postponed indefinitely with no promise that it will return this season at all. The league also sent a memo urging teams to take precautions and many of them followed-suit with team-mandated procedures, like self-quarantine, until the situation deescalates.

Raptors forward Chris Boucher apparently ignored those precautions and was seen at a Loblaws in downtown Toronto. He recently apologized for jeopardizing public health.


“A few days ago, I broke our team mandated self-quarantine,” Boucher wrote on his Instagram story. “I want to apologize to the city of Toronto, our fans and the Raptors organization.

“While I have tested negative for COVID-19, it was never my intention to endanger our community — I recognize my mistake and have remained self-quarantined since. Let’s stay safe Toronto.”

Fortunately, Boucher tested positive, so it's not as bad as it could've been. But if people keep breaking quarantine, it's only a matter of time until other people get infected.

It'll be interesting to see how things play out moving forward. For things to return to normal, people will have to take things seriously, including Boucher and the rest of the NBA community.