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Raptors Superfan Drake Appears To Have Kevin Durant And Stephen Curry Tattooed On His Arm

(via Hypebeast)

(via Hypebeast)

Famous hip-hop artist Drake has taken over the NBA headlines of late with his sideline antics. His dedication to the Raptors has become one of the league's newest sensations.

But, strangely enough, he has a rather interesting connection to the Warriors. Apparently, Drake may have tattooed Steph and Durant's numbers and names on his arm at some point...

If that is not related to Curry or Durant, then it sure is a pretty hefty coincidence.

Obviously, Drake has yet to comment on the issue and is probably busy preparing for a trip to the NBA Finals. But for a guy who apparently loves Toronto so much, having their competitors' names tattooed on his arm is a bit flaky.

Nonetheless, do not expect Drake to stand anywhere but beside the Raptors as they attempt to de-throne the two-time defending Champions.