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Rare Pic Of Michael Jordan And LeBron James In 2007 Prior To The Slam Dunk Contest

Rare Pic Of Michael Jordan And LeBron James In 2007 Prior To The Slam Dunk Contest

LeBron James and Michael Jordan are two of the greatest basketball players ever to live. It's common to see people comparing them in the never-ending GOAT debate, but they have a very good relationship, unlike their fans. 

Of course, they're not as close as Kobe Bryant and Jordan were, but they have the utmost respect for each other. MJ has known Bron since he was still a teenager, sharing some moments with The King during his 18-year honored career. 

Recently, one Twitter account shared a rare picture of the 4x NBA champion during the 2007 All-Star Weekend. James and Jordan were pictured together before the Slam Dunk Contest started. His Airness appeared having a drink while Bron looked at something-- probably the court. 

This incredible pic sparked a lot of reactions from fans, who joked with what was said during that time. Some said Jordan tried to intimidate LeBron or asked him why he didn't participate in the Slam Dunk Contest. 

It's rare to see these two together. That's why people pay a lot of attention whenever we have the chance to spot His Airness and The King in the same place. 

James and Jordan are considered the two greatest players of all time and seeing them together is a big event. That's why the pics where they appear together, as the so-called 'greatest photo of all time,' get so much interest from fans. 

It's unclear when we'll see them together again. Knowing how easy it is to capture a moment with a cell phone and make it viral on social media, we all will learn about it when that moment happens.