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Rare Video Of 14-Year-Old Luka Doncic Hooping Shows His Incredible Athleticism: "He Was A Better Dunker At 14-Years-Old Than Now"

Rare Video Of 14-Year-Old Luka Doncic Hooping Shows His Incredible Athleticism: "He Was Better Dunker At 14-Year-Old Than Now"

Luka Doncic is still young, but he's been around for a while. The Slovenian player is one of the future faces of the NBA after four seasons of showing his quality in the association. The Dallas Mavericks found a gem that could take them to win the NBA championship for the second time in franchise history while becoming one of the greatest players ever. 

At the beginning of his NBA journey, not many people believed that Luka could have been this great, with a lot of fans and analysts playing down his chances to make it in the association. Fortunately, Doncic proved all of them wrong, becoming one of the best and most exciting players in the league. 

Doncic always had the qualities to be great in the league. Perhaps, if some of these people watched what he could do at the young age of 14, they would have understood that the kid was meant to do incredible things. 

Recently, NBA County brought back old footage of Doncic hooping, demonstrating that he was ready to take the world by storm at the right time. Doncic appeared training, going against older people, while also showing an insane athleticism against players his age. 

NBA fans reacted to these old videos, pointing out that he was way more athletic at 14 than now, making jokes that teenage Luka could dunk the ball and his modern-day version can't. Others stated that he was never athletic and that hasn't changed.

No one talking about dude smacking tf out bros head 💀💀

Luka doesn’t change his pace for anyone

He was dunking at 14

how did he lose athleticism at 22?

I dunno about insane. Looks just as athletic now 😂

No it never was that good 😂😂 he didn’t lose it bc he never had it 🤡

Bro was 6’5 and skinny now he 6’7 and husky…he’s gonna lose some bounce

There’s nothing inside (insane) about that athleticism😭

Was being the key word. Luka plays like he’s 35 now

Luka at 14 years old was a better dunker than him rn

Luka is deceptively athletic, you don’t need to have the most explosiveness to get the job done.. do you guys even basketball, mans is crafty with it.

They used “Was” 😆

I mean he was lighter ofc i wish he would trim down to 225 or so but either way he’s a great player

he a pg with jokic pace 💀

Luka is still athletic just he’s outta shape half of the year lol

If Doncic gets his dunking abilities back, he'll be a lot more dangerous than he is right now. He's a menace against defenders and can score the ball at will, but some people still feel he needs to add more to his game to be better than the other players competing with him to become the face of the NBA. If dunking Luka makes a surprising comeback, it'll mean trouble for the rest of the league.