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Rasheed Wallace Says Anthony Davis Is The Key To The Lakers' Success: "No Disrespect To LeBron James."

(via Lake Show Life)

(via Lake Show Life)

Apon LeBron James' arrival, the L.A. Lakers immediately ascended into title-contention status.

And while the Lakers certainly need LeBron, it might be Anthony Davis who is the key to their success -- at least, according to Rasheed Wallace, who said so on ESPN's First Take.

“I think he’s [Anthony Davis] the pivotal piece for the Lakers. No disrespect to Bron and the other guys out there, but AD seems to me as that pivotal piece for the Lakers to repeat. Of course he has to stay healthy. It’s going to be hard. I’m not saying it’s a cakewalk for them even when AD comes back. Because as you said, you’ve got Phoenix, you’ve got Denver, you’ve got Utah, and you’ve got Portland. It’s definitely going to be a race.”

Davis isn't the leader or their best player, but what he brings to the court is unique and extremely important to their success as a team. As a big body who can play both inside and out, he's essential in keeping the offense unpredictable. On defense, though, is where he really makes his mark. As one of the best in the game in that category, he sets the tone for his club and provides rim protection that nobody else can bring.

He's certainly important -- ut just how important is a debate that will likely never get settled within the NBA community.