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Rasheed Wallace Says Russell Westbrook Is The Best Player In The NBA Over Durant, Curry And LeBron


Rasheed Wallace has made a case for Russell Westbrook as the best player in the NBA at this moment. The point guard didn't start the season the best way with the Washington Wizards, but things have fallen into place for him and his team in recent times. 

They are about to play in the final play-in tournament game to define the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference. Brodie is expected to unleash all his power against the Indiana Pacers. As the best player in the league, that's what he should do. 

At least, that is what Rasheed Wallace believes. In a recent edition of ESPN's "The Jump," the Portland Trail Blazers and Detroit Pistons icon picked Brodie as the best player in the league over big names like Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, or LeBron James (0:44). 

“This man is right now. I gotta say, Russ is the best player in the NBA right now. There is no disrespect to KD, or Kyrie, or LeBron, but right now, no disrespect to Steph either. I know you scoring champion, but man what this kid is doing right now.

“Ain’t no disrespect to guys, Russell Westbrook right now is killing it man, if I am the pacer in the meetings, it will be how to stop Russ.”

Russ has been making incredible things with the Wizards. At the start of the year, he overcame a foot injury, worked on his chemistry with Bradley Beal, and put the Wizards right on track to a playoffs berth. He became the triple-double king this season while leading his team to win games.

There's still work to do for them. The Pacers looked very good against the Charlotte Hornets. Still, Russ is ready to do the job and give the Wizards a playoffs berth in a season where nobody gave anything for them. 

Sheed saying that he's the best player in the league is a stretch. Yet, there is no doubt that this man is a menace for the rest of the association and nobody would like to see him and Beal in a best-of-seven series.