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Ray Allen Calls Out Oil Companies Chevron And ExxonMobil For Their Corporate Greed: "We Are Out Here Paying 6 To 7 Dollars A Gallon In Gas And These Companies Are Taking In Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars In Profit."

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Gas prices have been extremely high as of late, and there's no doubt that this has been tough for a lot of people. However, oil companies have been posting record profits as of late and many are unhappy that this is the case, as oil companies could potentially reduce the high prices and still make a profit.

Ray Allen is a prominent figure that is well-known for being one of the greatest NBA 3PT shooters ever. He has recently called out oil companies Exxon Mobil and Chevron, pointing out that regular citizens are paying a ridiculous "6 to 7 dollars a gallon in gas" and asking the companies whether they're ashamed of themselves. Allen also questioned why Congress has not acted and sanctioned those oil companies.

We are out here paying 6 to 7 dollars a gallon in gas and these companies are taking in hundreds of millions of dollars in profit. This is disappointing considering that most of America is struggling with trying to live and put food on their families table, not to mention just put gas in their tanks to drive to work. @exxonmobil @chevron Are you not ashamed of yourselves? Furthermore, why does congress not act and sanction them? #whatashame

There's no doubt that Ray Allen makes some valid points. Hopefully, we see Congress find a way to pass legislation to lower gas prices, and that is one issue that most American people will agree on. A lot of people have personal vehicles in the United States, and gas prices are something that has a direct effect on people's quality of life.

We will see if something will end up getting done about the soaring gas prices. Hopefully, Ray Allen's concerns will be resolved by the government and the oil companies in the future, but as of now, it seems as though he and other people will have to deal with paying insane prices for a while.