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Ray Allen Explained To His Kids How To Be Clutch During Big Moments

(via The New York Times)

(via The New York Times)

When it comes to big-time clutch moments, there aren't many in the game better than Ray Allen. The 10x All-Star isn't just a great shooter, he's also a clutch-shot maker and has, on more than one occasion, helped secure important victories for his team in the closing minutes of a close game.

Well, yesterday afternoon, Mr. Allen was kind enough to share some wisdom on fourth-quarter heroics in a Twitter video of him training his kids.

It seems like he's been training his kids to step up in tense, high-stress basketball situations. By working on their free-throws, they are practicing consistency in any situation and training themselves to be comfortable even when the pressure is on. We say how composed Allen was when he knocked down his infamous corner-three in 2013. Being calm, poised, and in control is what it's all about. Ray practiced that shot plenty of times and it was likely nothing more than muscle memory -- even in that moment. As for the comment section, the fans were absolutely loving the lesson.

No doubt, Ray is one of the All-Time greats and it's awesome to hear things form his perspective.