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Ray Allen Explains What Opposing Coaches Used To Call Him


Legendary sharpshooter and current three-point king Ray Allen was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame this past Friday, and prior to the ceremony, Allen spoke with reporters on Thursday about some of the highlights of his career, one of which was what opposing coaches used to call Allen during his prime.

Allen explained that a few coaches around the league used to label him 'Oh S--t' due to their reaction whenever he would be left wide open at the three-point line.

Given the career Allen had, spanning 18 years, you'd think the nickname was well-earned. Allen told reporters that he considered the "Oh S--t" moniker a huge compliment since it showed how much emphasis opposing coaches placed on stopping him.

Allen currently tops the all-time three-pointers made list with 2,973, those buckets helping him score over 24,000 points for his career. Ray was named a 10-time All-Star during stints with Milwaukee, Seattle, Boston, and Miami over his career, and has been involved in some of the most clutch situations since 2000.