Ray Allen Explains Why He Didn't Team Up With Kevin Durant And Rashad Lewis In Seattle In 2007

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Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Ray Allen has broken down why he didn't stay with the Seattle Supersonics in 2007, as the team had a big chance to build something great with the original Splash Brothers and a rookie Kevin Durant. Allen, along with Rashard Lewis, were the heart and the soul of that team and when the Sonics had the chance to bring a lottery pick, things looked more than great for them. However, things took a different direction that summer.

During an appearance on James Posey’s “The Posecast” podcast, Allen explained what went down that summer that led to his departure from the Sonics instead of joining Lewis and Durant (1:12:00 minute mark).

“As we got the number two pick that year for Kevin Durant I knew we were going to be good because we have Durant, myself, and Rashard Lewis and I’m thinking ‘wow, we can do some great things here’,” Allen said. “But Seattle had other intentions. So when draft day came and I saw all the Celtics players that were getting traded I was thinking: ‘I’m out of here!'”

Allen would win a title with the Celtics in 2008 after the team assembled that famous Big 3 with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. He then would win another title with the Miami Heat in 2013, making one of the best shots in NBA history.

As for the Sonics, they would become the Oklahoma City Thunder, reaching the Finals in 2012 and becoming one of the best teams in the West until Kevin Durant left in 2016. We'll never know what would've happened if these three played together.