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Ray Allen Explains Why The Brooklyn Nets Will Have A Problem With James Harden, Kyrie Irving And Kevin Durant

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2x NBA champion Ray Allen has advised James Harden against a move to the Brooklyn Nets, explaining that can cause more problems than benefits for the player and his potential new team. Harden requested a trade from the Houston Rockets on Monday and reports suggest his preferred destination are the Brooklyn Nets, where he would reunite with former teammate Kevin Durant.

Harden and Durant shared touches in Oklahoma City until the former was traded to the Houston Rockets following the 2011/12 season. They want to give it a try at what would have been if they stayed together in OKC but not everybody is convinced they're going to actually be that good. Ray Allen explained that in the case the three play together, they would have to adjust their games to their teammates.

“If you look at Kyrie… Harden if this happens, and then Kevin Durant, it’s going to be extremely difficult. For them to get along.

“Personality-wise they might be straight, but then on the court, it could cause trouble which could ultimately affect their relationship.”

He believes Harden will have to make some sacrifices for the team's sake, in order to help Irving and Durant.

“It’s gonna take specifically Harden because now you got Kyrie who’s a primary ball-handler, both of them need to figure out how we share the responsibility of how do we operate as a team.

“If they’re willing to do that, it could be amazing what they accomplish, but if not it could be a train wreck.”

Allen even recalled how he had to adjust his game when he landed in Boston after being the star in the Seattle Supersonics. The sharpshooter saw his role diminished but the reward was huge as the Celtics won the title the first year he was there.

“Winning a championship in ’08 was the most difficult thing I had to do.

“Because I come from Seattle where I shoot the ball 18-19 times in the game. And (then) I go to Boston where I shoot 8-9 times a game.”

As Ray said, this could be a great move but it also can turn into a complete disaster. Harden joined forces with Russell Westbrook and things weren't good for the Rockets. They have remained friends but nothing assures us that it will be the same with Durant and Irving.