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Raynard Westbrook Asks Fans To Talk About Russell Westbrook Being The Second-Highest Scoring Point Guard In NBA History Behind Oscar Robertson: "Let's Talk About It!"

Russell Westbrook's Brother Asks Fans To Talk About Him Being The Second-Highest Scoring In NBA History Guard Behind Oscar Robertson: "Let's Talk About It!"

Russell Westbrook has had a very turbulent season so far. The former MVP has failed to fit in with the Los Angeles Lakers and has been a big part of why they have been so poor this season. Westbrook has become the symbol of the Lakers' mediocrity. But recently, he reached a milestone that few have spoken about.

During the Lakers' last game against the Houston Rockets, Russell Westbrook reached 23,000 career points, thus making him the second-highest scoring guard in NBA history behind the legendary Oscar Robertson. But given the circumstances of the game, that milestone was not spoken about.

Russell Westbrook's brother, Raynard, believes that fans should be talking about it more. He shared a post outlining Westbrook reaching the 23,000-point mark, and him being the second-highest scoring guard in NBA history behind Robertson, and added a caption that asked fans to talk about it more.

Recently, Raynard also stood up for his brother, sharing a Tweet from a family friend that outlined the poor way in which the Los Angeles Lakers organization and coaching staff had been treating him. There is clearly some discontentment between the two sides, and that has only added to the concerns surrounding Russ.

Westbrook spoke after the Lakers' loss to the Rockets, as he explained that the Rockets, much like a lot of teams in the NBA, can cause an upset on any given night. Currently, the biggest talking point surrounding Westbrook has been his objection to the Westbrick nickname, as he noted that he wouldn't allow anyone to call him that.

But at the next game against the Spurs, a fan did just that. And Westbrook didn't take kindly to it, as he shut down the heckling fan. One analyst pointed out how hypocritical Westbrook had been, pointing to how he leaned into the 'cupcake' monicker that had stuck with Kevin Durant for so long.