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Referees Confused About Who Jack Harlow Is At Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics Game 1

Referees Confused About Who's Jack Harlow At Milwaukee Bucks vs Boston Celtics Game 1

The NBA Playoffs bring out the stars to courtside to watch some of the best games of basketball in the world. Over the course of the season, we have seen plenty of celebrities making appearances at games, with some even motivating the players to play better.

The world of hip-hop is as linked with the sport of basketball more than any musical genre is with any other sport. This season we have seen rappers litter the courtside seats including Kanye West, Drake, Jay-Z, and Lil Wayne, among others. 

The Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks game saw rapper Jack Harlow in attendance. Harlow is one of the biggest rappers in the world today but has emerged into popularity relatively recently. As a result, we can't blame referees Scott Foster and Ed Malloy for having this hilarious interaction after seeing Harlow sitting courtside.

“Who is Jack Harlow?” longtime NBA referee Scott Foster asked his offsider Ed Malloy.

“I have no idea?” Malloy replied.

“He’s the guy over here, right here. He’s in that white shirt, behind you,” Foster persisted.

“Yeah, who is he?” Malloy responded.

“I don’t know. Go ask him,” Foster finished. (h/t Fox Sports)

Jack Harlow came into prominence with his hit single 'WHAT'S POPPIN?' which became a regular play at many NBA games. The song features references to Utah Jazz legend John Stockton. However, Harlow's next hit was completely focused on one player, as he dropped the song 'Tyler Herro' for the Miami Heat guard. 

The Bucks beat the Celtics on their home-court 101-89 in a game where the Celtics had a major scare with Marcus Smart's shoulder injury. However, the issues came offensively as Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown struggled to consistently score against the Bucks. Jrue Holiday and Giannis Antetokounmpo led them to the win, as Boston have to win back home-court advantage in Milwaukee.