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Reggie Jackson Took Shots At A Referee When Explaining Which Raptors Player Gave The Clippers The Most Trouble: "Natalie Played Amazing... Hats Off To Her And Hats Off To Them."

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Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson has been the No. 2 scorer for the Los Angeles Clippers for a large portion of the season and has taken on bigger responsibilities with Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and Norman Powell out. There is no doubt that Reggie Jackson's solid play and leadership have been key in keeping the Los Angeles Clippers afloat and in a play-in spot.

The Los Angeles Clippers recently lost a close game against the Toronto Raptors, 103-100. There's no doubt that this was an unfortunate loss for the team, as they ended up slipping to 36-36, right at the .500 mark.

Reggie Jackson ended up taking shots at a referee named Natalie Sago, claiming that the "best player made a difference" and saying "Natalie played amazing". Reggie Jackson is clearly insinuating that the refereeing made a difference in the outcome of the game.

Their best player made a difference honestly. Nat was great, Natalie played amazing... They just kept coming. Hats off to her and hats off to them.

Generally, when players criticize referees, they get fined. It remains to be seen if Reggie Jackson will receive some sort of similar punishment from the league in the future. Knowing the way the league cracks down on criticism of officials though, some sort of fine is likely coming up for Reggie Jackson.

At the end of the day, the referees are only human. They miss calls at times, but they also make incredibly accurate calls. However, this isn't the first time someone has criticized the referees this year, with Steve Kerr notably getting upset at the referees during a Timberwolves-Warriors game in January.

It's obviously not easy to be a referee, but hopefully, we see some improvement in officiating in the future, as it could always be better. Generally calls even out over the course of a game, but Reggie Jackson was clearly not happy with the officiating the Clippers received against the Raptors.