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Reggie Miller After Making 9 Consecutive 3-Pointers In His Backyard: "I Need A 10-Day Somewhere"


Reggie Miller's name was constantly mentioned in recent weeks in the buildup of Stephen Curry breaking Ray Allen's all-time 3-point record. The Indiana Pacers legend held the record for 13 seasons until Allen broke it and took it to the next level. 

He's currently working as an analyst, but Miller often shows he still got it and can sink shots with ease. Recently, the retired sharpshooter showed off his skills, making nine straight 3-pointers and sending a message to the NBA. 

Amid a new COVID-19 outbreak across the association, Miller is trying to find his way back to the league, offering himself to any team that needs a shooter ready to suit up. 

“I need a 10 day somewhere!” Miller said to the camera after making nine 3s in his backyard. 

Seeing that veteran players are coming back to the league, Reggie didn't miss his chance to offer himself. He's 56 right now and that is a problem for every team in the league. However, seeing the recent moves by teams, it wouldn't be a shock if somebody signs Miller. 

He could make a surprising comeback and challenge Stephen Curry's 3-point record, just like people claimed Ray Allen would do. In 2007, Miller was close to making a comeback and sign with the Boston Celtics, but he didn't want to win in a different place than Indiana. 

Now, the window is open for anybody. A team can get a terrific 3-point shooter in Miller, although his pace on the court would be very slow. In 1839 NBA games, Miller averaged 18.2 points, 3.0 rebounds and 3.0 assists per outing. Reggie finished his career with 2560 3-pointers.