Reggie Miller Believes Chris Paul Is Key For Phoenix Suns Winning Game 6: "Chris Paul Hasn't Had A Signature Game Yet, And I Think We're All Waiting On That."

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The Phoenix Suns have managed to get to the NBA Finals this season, off the performances of their big three in Chris Paul, Deandre Ayton, and Devin Booker. While getting to the Finals after a long playoff drought is an achievement in itself, the Phoenix Suns are currently down 3-2 against the Milwaukee Bucks. They will be eliminated if they lose Game 6 in Milwaukee.

Chris Paul will have to be a key contributor in Game 6 if the Phoenix Suns want to have a chance of beating the Milwaukee Bucks at their home arena. Reggie Miller has recently stated that Chris Paul will be the key to the Phoenix Suns being able to take it to a Game 7. (1:05)

Dan Patrick: Do you expect Milwaukee to win Tuesday night?

Reggie Miller: I do, unless. There's one caveat. We have not really seen that this series. Chris Paul hasn't had a signature game yet. I think we're all waiting on that. Booker has been great. But the other half of that equation is Chris Paul. He had signature moments against the Lakers, against Denver. Games I'm talking about, and versus the Clippers. There was always one game he had, where he was phenomenal. Game 6, it has to be that for him. If not, then this series is over.

It is clear that Chris Paul will have to perform at a high level to eke out a road win in the Finals. Chris Paul has been able to help the team get this far already: perhaps he can have an iconic performance, and help the Phoenix Suns force a Game 7.