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Reggie Miller On Allen Iverson's Crossover On Michael Jordan: "That Is A Blatant Carry"


Reggie Miller has an interesting opinion on Allen Iverson crossing up Michael Jordan in the 90s. The Indiana Pacers legend doesn't follow the masses, and this is another example of that. 

AI did his thing with Michael as a rookie, starring in one of the most memorable plays in NBA history. "The Answer" went against one of the best defenders in the league and one of the most competitive players who ever existed, toying him before nailing a mid-range shot. 

That's the favorite play of plenty of fans, but Miller doesn't feel the same. For him, it was a carry by Iverson, and the play should have never counted in the first place. Talking on 'The Dan Patrick Show,' Miller revealed his thoughts on that play. 

"That is a blatant carry. Twice. Twice," the sharpshooter said. 

Patrick also expressed his opinion, saying that Iverson crossed Jordan twice without making any violation. Still, Miller didn't think that way. 

MJ the 🐐, he missed the swipe it’s not like he got shook out his shoes or anything but that wasn’t even close to a carry.

his hands never were under the ball lol reggie a hater

What carry ? Reggie get off the show

That’s not a carry , he got hit twice on the cross . Accept it

His hand was NEVER under the ball that’s like today hesi move

Who cares lmfao it happened so long ago, if you nit picking this, then nit pick all of MJ’s push offs😂

Straight hesi tho. No carry. I’m just saying

No. Carry is when the palm is underneath the ball and the ball is rotated back to make a dribble.

He never carried stop hating

Very clean move by AI

Next he gonna say that block tayshawn prince gave him was a goaltend 🙄

Smh reggie got no room to talk

NBA fans reacted to this, disagreeing with Reggie and explaining why AI's move was as clean as they come. 

This move happened over 20 years ago, but it was so iconic that it's still sparking debates around the league. That was a memorable crossover by AI, and nothing Miller says will change that.