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Reggie Miller Reacts After Steph Curry Joins Him And Ray Allen In 3-Point Record

(via Basketball Forever)

(via Basketball Forever)

On Sunday, Steph Curry became just the third player in NBA history to knock down 3,500 career 3-pointers, further cementing his legacy as basketball's All-Time greatest shooter.

After Curry officially joined the exclusive club, Reggie Miller responded on Twitter, congratulating him for the amazing feat.

If Curry stays healthy and continues to hit shots from beyond the arc, he could soon pass Reggie Miller to overtake second place on the all-time 3-pointers made list. It won't be long before he passes Allen for first, who currently has 2,973.

Regardless of what number Steph is able to reach, however, there is really no denying his place among the NBA greats. As a proven leader and unbelievable shooter, Curry has achieved enormous success over his 11-year career, winning 3 titles and 2 MVPs.

Steph, now 32, is hoping to add more to his already impressive resume, but things are proving to be tough this season without Klay Thompson. We'll see soon enough how far Curry is able to lead a shorthanded Warriors roster, but it's a given that he will continue to be the same amazing player we've known for years now.

And it's only a matter of time before he climbs the ranks and etches his name in the record books once again.