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Reggie Miller Responds To LeBron James' Criticism Of Play-In Tournament: "I Don’t Wanna Hear All The Crying."

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Reggie Miller heard what LeBron James had to say about the play-in tournament and just like the rest of the NBA, he didn't like what the King had to say about this new format. The Indiana Pacers legend made it clear that nobody talked about this a couple of months ago and now that big teams are on the verge of playing the mini-tournament, it has become a problem. 

Miller joined 'The Dan Patrick Show', where he talked about a series of topics, including LeBron's comments about the play-in tournament. The sharpshooter said that the Lakers aren't the only team in a bad position right now but that doesn't mean everybody should whine about the extra games teams will need to play to confirm their participation in the playoffs (2:54). 

“Where was all this talk a month ago? Two months ago? When the Lakers, when Boston, the Dallas, they were securely one of the top six teams. Now they’re on the outside, possibly looking in… there’s a little bit of crying.”

“LeBron goes down, AD goes down, and now they’re kind of on a nose-dive, looking at 7 through 10. So I don’t wanna hear all the crying.”

Miller also commented on the Lakers' current situation and how the returns of LeBron James and Anthony Davis haven't made that much difference for the purple and gold, which is the opposite to what people expected from them. 

“To me, it’s all about health. And, if LeBron and AD are healthy, the Lakers are always the team to beat. Now I know LeBron has been back two games… and they just have not looked well.”

James returned to action last week and after two games, he hurt his right ankle again. He didn't play against the Denver Nuggets on Monday but the Lakers still got the W against a big rival. 

If they want to compete and defend their title, having a healthy LeBron on the court is mandatory. Anthony Davis claimed they're back after beating the Nuggets but they will have to prove that against the next rivals, including city neighbors Los Angeles Clippers.