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Reggie Miller Says Kevin Durant Is The Most Important Player On The Nets, Not James Harden


James Harden is currently sidelined thanks to injuries, which has led to a bit of a slump for the Brooklyn Nets. The guard has become the most important player on the team in just a couple of months, and numbers are the biggest proof of the Beard's actual impact on the squad

Even though they are struggling to get things going without Harden, Reggie Miller believes that this absence won't be that hard for the team, claiming they need Kevin Durant more than they need Harden. 

During a recent interview on 'The Dan Patrick Show,' Miller explained why he thinks KD is a more valuable piece for the Nets than Harden. 

“Probably James Harden, because we’ve kind of seeing that now. I think they can’t afford to lose KD for an extended period of time because he is arguably the best player in my opinion in the league and he’s closer.

“Kyrie would be second because of his ball-handling and shot-making ability, and I think when James Harden does eventually return, he is going to take on the de facto point guard. He’s going to defer a lot and score when he needs to, but I think he’ll be the bonafide true point guard on this team once he returns. “

Harden has learned to adapt his game to the needs of the team. He became the primary playmaker for the Nets once he landed in Brooklyn. Playing alongside Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant doesn't seem hard for him, contrary to what everybody believed. 

The 2018 NBA MVP has demonstrated that he can make the sacrifices if that means his team can win, but Miller thinks Durant is more valuable. The truth is that Steve Nash will need his Big 3 to make a deep playoff run and land in the NBA Finals this season and he'll be more than happy to see Harden returning sooner than later.