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Reggie Miller Selects His Top 5 Greatest Shooters Of All Time


Reggie Miller is one of the greatest shooters of all time. He was one of the first legit threats from beyond the arc and most people claim he would've fared even better in modern basketball, as his sweet stroke from three-point land was perfectly suited for this time.

Miller owned most three-point shooting related records until Ray Allen, Kyle Korver, and the Splash Brothers knocked him off. Still, he's unanimously considered one of the best ever in that regard.

That's why reached out to him to select the greatest five shooters of all time, considering he's one of the people that are better suited to discuss that matter. However, fans weren't that pleased with the list he came up with, as they think they were some clear omissions and number 5 should be ranked way higher.

At number 5, Miller couldn't decide between Dell and Stephen Curry. Make no mistake, Dell Curry had one of the nicest shots you'd find. High arc, quick release, nice wrist-flick, you name it. Nonetheless, it's pretty clear that Steph should've been at the top of this list with the way he changed the game and all the three-point shooting records he has.

Miller went with Ray Allen at number 4. Well, it's pretty clear that Allen had to make the cut. He changed his game towards the final passage of his career and became one the most efficient shooters the game has ever seen, so he was a no-brainer.

At 3, Miller went with Drazen Petrovic, whose promising career got to a sudden end on a tragic accident. Petrovic had one of the smoothest shots the league had ever seen and left the league with 50/42/84 shooting splits. People think he could've been the greatest shooter ever.

Dale Ellis took the number 2 spot on Reggie Miller's list. Ellis was a carer 40% shooter from beyond the arc so he definitely has a strong case for it, however, putting him as high as 2nd may have been a bit of a reach.

And last, but not least, Miller thinks Larry Bird is the greatest shooter of all time, which is something few people could disagree with.

Larry Legend was the most efficient scorer in the league during his prime. He could knock down shots from everywhere with his unorthodox hip-shot and fadeaways so we'll give him a pass for putting him at the number one spot.