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Reggie Miller Supports LeBron James' Ability To Make The Right Play Instead Of Taking The Game-Winning Shots

Reggie Miller Supports LeBron James' Ability To Make The Right Play Instead To Take The Game-Winning Shots

LeBron James will soon turn 37-years-old but the King is yet to slow down. He has numerous weapons in his arsenal, which he uses according to different situations. But even among LeBron's vast skill set, his ability to make incredible plays for his teammates is simply unmatched.

Throughout his career, we have seen James play incredible passes and find open teammates to knock down shots. Although it is good to have a pass-first mentality, sometimes this mentality has led to fans criticizing James. The reason is quite understandable as most fans want to see James knock down shots in clutch situations.

Former NBA star Reggie Miller recently spoke about James' ability to make the right plays. He explained why sometimes it is important for players to make good plays instead of trying to become a hero.

Via The Athletic:

"It’s make or miss, and there’s no in-between. I always felt I could be the hero. And it’s not always about making shots, right? It’s about making the right play. Like LeBron doesn’t get enough credit for that. He’s a big-time shot-maker, but early in his career, the knock on him was he made the pass that someone else shot, and if that guy missed, everyone is dogging out LeBron. Sometimes it’s about making the right play."

Like Miller explained both parts of the game are important, but assessing the situation and making a split-second decision is what separates the greats from the rest. Despite that, even after making the right play, they might not get someone the result they would've hoped for.

James has experienced that many times in his career. Despite that, it doesn't mean that James shouldn't get the credit where it's due. He is one of the best players of this generation and is yet to show any major signs of slowing down.

While LBJ might not be slowing down, the Lakers certainly have. The Lakers are currently 13-13 in the league and are struggling to put together a winning streak. Moving forward, LeBron James might need to change his leadership approach to help the purple and gold get back on track.