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Report: 76ers Tried, And Failed, To Hire Away Lucrative Rockets Executive


Since the firing of Bryan Colangelo, the 76ers have been without a GM at literally the worst time.

Their summer has been largely disappointing, after failing to sign even one of several big-name free agents. In short, the Sixers haven't done much to build upon last season's very successful (but incomplete) campaign.

The team itself has been unusually quitet in their GM replacement pursuits, despite a number of qualified individuals being available.

Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey is not one considered available. Though, it seems he's the latest one being thrown in a very short list of names the Sixers are pursuing, as the New York Time's Marc Stein first reported.

It's no surprise that the Sixers would find Morey inticing. Every team should. He's one of the few GM's around the league embracing the current NBA, electing to load-up and lock-in talent rather than fold in and wait out the Warriors' dominance. He's proven his value in Houston, and would likely do the same in a place like Philly.

Unfortunately for "The Process," the content Rockets GM will not be joining the squad anytime soon, leaving the franchise to keep searching for someone to take the reigns of a fractured front-office.