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Report: Anthony Davis Wants To Become A Free Agent In 2020

Report: Anthony Davis Wants To Become A Free Agent In 2020

Anthony Davis has been the man of the hour since his agent Rich Paul went on record to say that the power-forward wanted to be traded away from the New Orleans Pelicans, with almost every team in the world trying to make the most of his sweepstakes.

The league even fined the Brow 50K for publicly demanding to be traded, while they also started yet another tampering investigation against the Los Angeles Lakers for their part on that trade request.

Then Davis gave the Pelicans a shortlist of the teams he’d like to be traded to, and even went on to say that he’d treat every other team as a 1-year stop before signing with the Lakers on 2020 as a free agent.

Magic Johnson and the Lakers made very appealing offers, but it looks like NOLA never even considered sending their superstar away to Hollywood, and they’re likely to wait until the summer to try and negotiate with the Boston Celtics.

Even so, the 25-year-old has no intention whatsoever to extend his stay on any team before hitting free agency, and he won’t sign a contract extension until his contract runs out, according to Marc Stein.

According to report, it’s been said that he doesn’t want to play for the Celtics, especially if Kyrie Irving winds up leaving, plus his father said he’ll never play for Boston because of the way they treated Isaiah Thomas.

The Los Angeles Clippers just traded Tobias Harris away and now have enough cap space to try and make a run at him, but landing Davis would be tricky, at best, unless they convince another superstar to join them right before making him an offer.

The New York Knicks will have over 70 million dollars in cap space and can pursue 2 superstars in the summer. Everybody wants to play in New York, but the team’s front office has been a mess for ages now.

That leaves the Los Angeles Lakers as the frontrunners to get Davis eventually, whether if it’s in the summer or in 2020. If Klay Thompson or Kyrie Irving also come on board, Showtime will be back in no time.