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Report: Big Changes May Be Coming For The Raptors


No matter how well the Toronto Raptors have faired in the regular season, they seemed to always show up small in the post-season. It was just their way... their curse. This season, though, it just felt different. Tha Raptors radiated a certain aura about them, and their on-court performance earned them the number one seed in the East and the best record in franchise history.

And unfortunately, for those same Raptors, we quickly found out that not a whole lot has changed. Not only did they come up short against LeBron James and the lowly Cavaliers, but they couldn't even muster up a single win. In the devastating aftermath, most were calling for a change.

Now, it seems that the Raptors are ready to oblidge.

(via the Toronto Sun):

It won’t be possible to obtain value for the fading big man (Serge Ibaka) who simply can’t play any more minutes as a power forward. He’s a centre at this point of his career, plain and simple. He should have been there more this season. This corner was advocating for that last summer.

If Ibaka is staying, that likely means Jonas Valanciunas will be going. He had no trade value last season, but his notable improvement and another year ticking off of his contract should change that.

There are no guarantees DeRozan or Lowry both return either.

Ujiri will wait and see what (LeBron) James decides this summer. If he heads west, things could change, but it’s hard to imagine Ujiri will continue to be patient and will simply ride the wave again and see where it takes his talented, but flawed bunch.

Expect change. Probably a fair bit of it.

In short, nobody is safe for the Raptors this summer. They've already fired Dwane Casey, and there's no telling who they'll move next. But even in the midst of these big-time changes, it's hard to see the Raptors rebounding from such a crushing