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Report: Carmelo Anthony, Thunder, Ready To Move On


It was inevitable since the end of OKC's playoff run this past April, but now it's official. The Thunder and Carmelo Anthony will officially part ways this summer.

If the team decides to go the stretch-provision route, they would likely shave over $100 million this offseason from a luxury tax-bill of an NBA record $300 million. If the team decides to go the trade route, it might save a little less money (assuming they'd have to take a slightly cheaper bad-contract), but they would get an asset in return.

So far the Laker, Rockets, Sixers, and Heat have emerged as contenders for Melo's services. But, of course, a reunion with one of his banana-boat friends in either Houston or LA would likely stand as his preferred destination.

As more details emerge regarding his next destination, we'll keep you updated with the latest.