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Report: Cavs Players "Pissed" About Ty Lue Firing


If there was any indication that the Cavs could maintain some 'semblance of competitiveness after the LeBron James departure, they were quickly vaporized once the Cavs lost their 6th straight game on Saturday night.

As many suspected, the Cavs have fallen into a whirlwind of despair without LeBron.

To follow their abysmal performance against the Pacers a night ago, the Cavaliers made an executive decision to fire Tyronn Lue. In their minds, it was a move that would help rally the troops, in hopes of salvaging a quickly fading season.

Unfortunately, the decision may have actually caused the opposite effect. In a story by The Athletic's Joe Vardon, Cavs players are "pissed" about the firing. Though, even without the report, it wouldn't be that hard to tell, as several Cavs players have shown their support for their ex-coach.

In the same report, Vardon details that tensions between Lue and the front office had been brewing for weeks.

Apparently, Lue was being partial towards the vets, while the front-office wanted him to play the younger guys (like Larry Nance and Collin Sexton).

So it seems the firing was more than about team performance alone.

Will it be enough to turn the season around? Perhaps the better question is, do they want to turn the season around?

Clearly, their focus is on developing the young guys more so than it is about the guys with experience.

Whatever the case, it'll likely be another tough season for the team, as they once again begin their identity search without LeBron James.