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Report: Cavs Would've Traded For Kemba Walker Had LeBron James Committed To The Team


The Cleveland Cavaliers are in for a rought year, but things could definitely be a whole lot worse.

They've still got Kevin Love, who will likely be competing for an All-Star this season. They've got decent pieces in J.R. Smith, George Hill, and Kyle Korver.

Most importantly, they've got Collin Sexton, who will not only provide them with an interesting spark this year but serves as the basis for the entire future of their franchise.

But in an interesting new story by Zach Lowe, he details how the Cavs might've not even had him at all, had LeBron verbally committed to stay last season.

[Kemba] Walker is really good. Parts of the game that used to be hard for him -- pull-up 3s -- look easy now. He is cool, controlled, fully aware of the power he exerts over every possession.

He's also 5-foot-11, and he'll be 29 by the end of the season. He's not quite worth upending your franchise unless you are one player away from a shot at Golden State. (The Cavs, for instance, would have flipped the No. 8 pick for Walker had LeBron committed to re-signing, league sources say.)

Of course, the number-8 pick they almost gave up ended up being Collin Sexton, who's looked great from everything we've seen so far.

It's kind of crazy to think how different things would be had the Cavs pulled the trigger on that deal.