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Report: Celtics Refused To Trade Kyrie Irving


It is a strenuous time in Boston right now. Everything hinges on the summer for them, and nobody knows where they will stand when it is all said and done.

Despite the uncertainty about Kyrie Irving's future, the Celtics resisted the urge to trade him. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Celtics had already decided early on that they were going to keep the status quo instead and keep Kyrie instead of attempting to make moves to bolster their lineup.

The Celtics’ leaders believed the team was built for a title. The Clippers made a preliminary call to Boston on Irving prior to the Harris trade to Philadelphia, league sources said. A quick no was given.

As the Celtics prepare to face the 1st seeded Bucks, they face some serious questions about their future. With Uncle Drew being connected to the Knicks and Clippers, this could be their best chance to secure a Championship before losing their best player.

So far, they have posed well, sweeping a first-round series sweep against Indiana. But if they are to make one last run, they will have a steep mountain to climb.

Nevertheless, at least for now, the Celtics remain committed to who they have. Time will tell if their patience will pay off.