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Report: DeMarcus Cousins Was Insulted By Pelicans' Contract Offer

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Well, it seems like we finally know the real reason DeMarcus Cousins decided to join up with the Golden State Warriors.

All-Star center Cousins shocked the NBA world when he signed for the Golden State Warriors on a 1-year/$5.3 million deal, a number that vastly underpays the four-time All-Star, even if he's coming off a season-ending Achilles injury.

Previous reports stated that the only reason Boogie decided to sign with the Warriors because literally no other team in the NBA offered Cousins a contract because of his medicals, which later turned out to be a massive lie.

It was revealed that both the Los Angeles Lakers and Boogie's previous team, the New Orleans Pelicans both offered DeMarcus a contract during free agency and leading up to the offseason in the Pelicans case.

Cousins left $20 million a year on the table just so he could sign with the Warriors. So why did he say no other team had offered him a contract this offseason? Well apparently, Cousins was so insulted by the Pelicans pre-free agency offer of $20 million a year that he went elsewhere to look for more money, so New Orleans pulled the contract off the table, never 'officially' offering him one during this offseason.

For some reason, Cousins and his agent didn't think that the market for an injured big man -- All-Star or not -- wouldn't be that competitive, which is why they resorted to signing for $5.3 million in hopes of getting a max deal next summer.

So, thanks to Cousins turning his nose up at the Pelicans' offer, we're now looking down the barrel at one of the most dominant starting five's in NBA history, if DeMarcus is able to come back healthy enough by the end of the season.