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Report: Isaiah Thomas Refused To Learn Personalized Handshakes While In Cleveland


The handshake is a major part of team camaraderie in the NBA, as it promotes a sense of togetherness and teamwork within a franchise's roster, and also builds team chemistry, especially when a new player joins the squad via trade or free agency. But it seems like former Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Isaiah Thomas isn't into that sort of stuff.

By now, you've probably heard of the way LeBron James likes to build chemistry with his teammates every season. James formulates a personalized handshake for each member of the roster that's used for the entirety of a player's stay in Cleveland with LeBron. The handshakes get pretty complicated, but no one has ever failed to forget their specific handshake.

So when Isaiah Thomas arrived in Cleveland in the blockbuster deal that sent Kyrie Irving to Boston, and refused to be apart of the team ritual, things were set up for failure from the get-go. Per The Score:

"At practice the day before, Love was excited about the possibility of coming up with a personalized handshake with Thomas, who was less enthusiastic about the endeavor. 'That’s not what I do,' Thomas said. 'I just score the basketball.'"


When joining a squad led by LeBron James that is built to win championships, and you refuse to buy into the team's culture from day one, your stay there is going to be extremely brief, and unsurprisingly, Thomas was shipped off to Los Angeles the same season, only managing to play 15 games for the Cavs.