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Report: Jimmy Butler May Have Cheated With Karl-Anthony Town's Girlfriend

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The Minnesota Timberwolves franchise has been in disarray the past 24 hours.

After a meeting with Tom Thibodeau yesterday, All-Star guard Jimmy Butler made it known that he didn't want to be a member of the Timberwolves anymore, telling the team he wouldn't be attending training camp for the Wolves, hoping to be traded to either the Knicks, Nets or Clippers before then.

Many fans were wondering what could've possibly happened behind closed doors that would've led to Butler's trade request, and a report has surfaced that may explain everything.

There has always been some tension between Butler and the TWolves younger stars -- KAT and Andrew Wiggins -- especially towards the end of last season, but according to BlackSportsOnline, Butler actually slept with Towns' girlfriend, leading to their relationship becoming fractured within the team.

“While some say he simply wants to be the MAN in a bigger market, internet detectives have another theory on why he wants out and his strained relationship with KAT. According to the theory Jimmy Butler slept with KAT’s girlfriend Kawahine Andrade. Around the time it supposedly took place in May, KAT mysteriously stopped posting her on IG and vice versa. The internet detectives came to this conclusion after this T-Wolves birthday post to Butler.”

Wanna see the proof? (There's a lot of it, but remember, it's all speculation at this stage and Karl-Anthony Towns said that it is a fake news). If you're wondering what Karl-Anthony's (now ex) girlfriend looks like, here she is. Yeah. It will be very interesting to see how the rest of this drama plays out for the rest of the summer, and whether or not KAT will beat Butler to within an inch of death when the Wolves meet Jimmy's new team next season. Karl-Anthony Towns said that this is a fake news.

Updated: It seems that Twitter user acceptedmystery deleted tweets, so it is impossible to read full story right now.