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Report: John Wall Fined For Cursing At Scott Brooks During Practice


Lately, we've seen a number of teams experience major internal turmoil.

The Minnesota Timberwolves were facing a toxic situation for months following the Jimmy Butler fiasco. Just when that finally ended, the Warriors made a bit of news themselves with the KD/Draymond debacle. Not only did their yelling match result in a fine for Green, but it resulted in questions about the future of the infamous "superteam."

Then, most recently, there's been the unfolding saga in Washington, where the lowly Wizards are trying to figure out what's next in the midst of another abysmal season.

 With a record of 5-11, the Washington Wizards are just two games back from the last place Cavs.

With a record of 5-11, the Washington Wizards are just two games back from the last place Cavs.

Early Monday afternoon, it was revealed that the team was making everyone (including their two stars John Wall and Bradley Beal) available on the market in an effort to start over. Clearly, such an announcement wasn't really all that shocking, considering the team's current situation.

What's more shocking is the news that came after.

Apparently, in a report by ESPN's Arian Wojnarowski, John Wall is getting fined by the Wizards for a verbal attack on head coach Scott Brooks. The incident supposedly occurred after Wall and his teammates had been challenged by Brooks during practice to raise the intensity of the session, to which Wall replied to Brooks with a "F--- you." Wall apologized to Brooks in the minutes after cursing him while later apologizing to his teammates the next day.

It is unknown if things between Wall and Brooks have been fully restored, but it is clear to see that seasons of failure have raised tensions in the locker room.

Whatever happens next, you can bet the Wizards will be looking to clean house before the trade-deadline passes in February.