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Report: Kawhi Does Not Want To Be The Main Star


At this point, does anyone really know what Kawhi wants anymore?

Sources indicate that Leonard is seeking a trade from the Spurs, and has named the Lakers as his preferred destination. Some are indicating that he wants to move to a bigger stage, to grow his brand and name in ways he could never while playing in a small market like San Antonio.

That info does not match the most recent report, however, with ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski claiming that the 2x All-Star might not be ready for the spotlight after all.


The report indicates that Kawhi may not be comfortable having all the attention on him as the main guy. He mentioned that Boston is a good spot for him because he wouldn't need to be the face of the franchise.

While the validity of the report is still in question, it's definitely an interesting take. If traded to the Lakers or Celtics, he'd likely be playing in the shadow of LeBron or Kyrie... while in San Antonio, he would be the unquestioned #1 option.

We'll just have to wait and see how this affects Leonard's future going forward.